How to measure for your new blinds

You will need

A metal tape measure, measuring sheet and pen or pencil.

*Blinds fit either inside or outside the window frame, depending on the type you choose. We usually recommend an inside fit if possible as this style is less intrusive on the sense of space in the room and offers better insulation.

Measure for an inside fit

Make sure your window frame is square by taking two measurements. Take one measurement along the top of the frame and one along the bottom, this is the width. We will use the smaller of those two measurements to make sure the blind isn’t too big when it arrives. Take your measurements to the nearest millimetre. Now it’s time to measure the ‘drop’. Take two measurements again, one from the top to the bottom on both the left and right side of the window frame. Again, we’ll take the smaller of your two measurements. Now send us the width and drop and we’ll take care of the rest!

Measure for an outside fit (face fit)

Take your two measurements again for the width, from the outside of the architrave to the other side of the opposite side architrave. Supply us with the least of the two numbers. Now measure your drop from the top of the architrave, keeping in mind you may want the blinds to fall below the window framing. So just measure it down to where you want the blinds to hang to. *Keep in mind any obstructions around the window frame that may get in way.

Some things to think about

You can get your control for the blind on the left or right, and it really depends on what you have around the blind, and what is going to be the easiest and most natural side to control them from. The length of the control (plastic wand or chain) for the blind can also come in different heights so match this to where your normal hand is most comfortable when operating the blind. This height is measured from the top of the window down, so draw your measuring tape down to from the top to a comfortable control position to determine this.


How to install your new blinds

Venetian Blind Instruction Steps

Roller Blind Instruction Steps

Vertical Blind Instruction Steps

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