Dual Roller Blinds

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Impact Blinds in Auckland offer a quality selection of NZ dual roller blinds which are all manufactured right here in New Zealand. There are different roller blind options to choose from, it all depends on what functionality and look you are seeking. All roller blinds offer a seamless style from top to bottom which can complement certain other features in the home very well. They also fit in with other types of blinds in the home very well. Impact blinds have a wide range of colours and styles to fit your next project.

Double roller blinds from Impact Blinds really combine the best of both worlds by having two different systems in one. You can choose to bring only the sun screen blind down, perfect during the day, to screen the UV rays and glare while still being able to see outside. This first sun blocking blind will give you privacy during the day but still provide the ability to see out. This first layer also allows enough light in to illuminate your home while achieving this privacy. The second ‘block out’ roller blind layer will completely block the light out and is perfect for the evenings or daytime naps.

Aesthetically the dual roller blinds look fantastic and add a certain level of sophistication to your window area. You can mix and match from our wide range of both block out roller blinds and sun screen roller blinds then we can combine them for you into one intelligent system. They resist staining and are easy to clean with just a cloth and some soapy water.
If these dual roller blinds sound like you, then contact us today using the form on this page or by phone and we can provide you with a lightning fast quote and consultation if required. If you are looking for dual roller blinds in NZ Impact Blinds in Auckland is the smart choice for value and quality.


Minimum and Maximum Size
Minimum Width 400mm, Drop 500mm
Maximum Width 2500/ 3000mm, Drop 4000mm