Honey Comb Blinds - 25mm Full tone

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Impact Blinds can supply and professionally install the highest quality honeycomb blinds in NZ for your next project. Be wary of cheaply constructed honeycomb blinds in NZ that will offer inferior benefits and features. Honeycomb blind’s stand-out feature is their ability to effectively thermally insulate a room. They feature a fabric construction that works like a swimsuit in cold water, creating a cavity that the transfer of heat finds it difficult to cross.

This ability to keep the heat in so well makes honeycomb blinds a winner for living areas and bedrooms. They will help keep the power bills down in the winter by allowing you to employ less heating to maintain the same comfortable temperature. We offer two different sizes for honeycomb blinds: with a 25mm cell. Give us a call to discuss what is better for your project.
Honeycomb blinds also act to effectively diffuse the light through a window during the day. They semi-block the light, reducing the glare (and thus fading of your furniture) but still allowing enough through for comfortable viewing. Great for watching the TV during the day without the glare! Honeycomb blinds from Impact Blinds in Auckland will also maintain your privacy during the day but still allow enough light through to perform your activities.

Impact Blinds are based in Wairau, Auckland, and specialize in the supply and installation of the highest quality honeycomb blinds in NZ. We offer a free window blinds consultation and quote. We pride ourselves on our knowledgeable and friendly customer service and can help you make the right choice in blinds the first time. Call us or use the form on this page to get in touch today.


Standard Cords
Minimum Width 300mm, Drop 600mm
Maximum Width 2000mm, Drop 2500

Top down/ Bottom up
Minimum Width 600mm, Drop 600mm
Maximum Width 2000mm, Drop 2500mm