Blockout Zebra Shade Blinds

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You have to experience Impact Blinds zebra shades to appreciate them. Zebra shades employ a unique design to maximize several benefits to the user. You can rotate a roller with a simple rotating cord that then determines the amount of light let through. They are extremely versatile, giving you the maximum amount of control. Impact Blinds offer two choices of zebra shades: Sunscreen zebra shades or blockout zebra shades. The difference is not in the mechanics but the material used. The sunscreen zebra shade option uses a more transparent material that blocks the damaging glare of the sun but still allows enough light through to see what you are doing. The blockout zebra shades use an opaque material that, as the name implies, completely blocks the sun’s light.
If you are a night shift worker or a day sleeper then blockout zebra shades may be for you. You can intuitively control the flow of light right from shaded to full blockout. The material on the slats for blockout zebra shades is fully opaque which increases your ability to reach full privacy at the simple pull of a cord.
Blockout zebra shades are also extremely versatile when it comes to adjusting the level of thermal insulation for your home. The blinds can be adjusted to partially allow a flow of air or to completely stop it.
Impact Blinds based in Wairau, Auckland are experts in blockout zebra shades and custom build your next solution based on your unique needs. Give us a call or use the contact forms on this page to get your free consultation and quote today.


Minimum and Maximum Size
Minimum Width 300mm, Drop 500mm
Maximum Width 2500mm, Drop 2300~3500mm