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Which blind to choose for your home

By September 19, 2017 September 25th, 2017 Uncategorized

Here at Impact Blinds a very important part of our service is helping our valued customers make the right choice when it comes to window treatments.  Its always a good idea to drop into our workshop at unit 1, 21 Poland Rd, Wairau, Auckland and see samples of the best blinds in NZ.  Or call us on 09 444 7771.

So how do you choose the right blinds?  It all has to do with matching both your lifestyle, personality and goals with the type of blinds.  Also this may vary from room to room around the house.  Window blinds can come in various shapes and sizes giving them different characteristic effects on light coming through a window.  So its perhaps best to first figure out what your trying to do in that room.

Important Step: Assess your goals and lifestyle uses for each room.

For example you work night shifts, and often have naps during the day.  When you have your naps its important to have full control of the light levels and go to full blackout if required.  So in your napping room you could choose blockout zebra shades or blockout roller blinds.  For the living areas you may want something that aesthetically feels like an old American plantation, to match your old Auckland bungalow.  White wooden venetian blinds would help you achive that look.

Sunscreen blinds can stop the damaging effects of sun rays on furniture, but still allow you to mostly see outside through them, which can make them good for living areas or even offices.

Roller blinds come in various transparencies from blockout to sunscreen transparent.  This gives you flexibility in choice.  They are made of a solid piece of material, so have a stronger blocking potential than something like venetian blinds.

Choices between colours, or construction material, like between aluminum or wooden for venetian blinds, are mostly an aesthetic choice and are less influenced by practicality.

Its always best to come on down to our workshop and check out the options.  We can run through what you are trying to achieve and help make the right choice for you the first time.

Choose your favourite nz blinds option that satisfies your goals and lifestyle then the rest is easy.


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