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How to take care of your new blinds and window treatments

By November 12, 2017 Uncategorized

Now you have a new set of blinds lets practice keeping them clean.

We all know the site of those nice pristine white blinds developing mold and mildew marks.  Slowly but surely those brand new blinds can go from glossy and shiny to dirty and moldy.  The trick is to choose the right type of blind to make your life easier.  A great time to attack those blinds with a cloth and some soapy water is after winter once it has started to dry up outside. Obviously different houses and environments can have a dramatic effect on how often you need to clean up those blinds.

Its best to dust your blinds first before washing. You can take them down and lay them on the ground which can make cleaning up easier and not require a ladder.

If your cleaning wooden blinds don’t use too much water as they will just absorb it without doing too much cleaning.  You can use a bit if you need to get off some stains.  Some linseed oil can be used to bring some shine back into the wood, and a drop of tea tree oil can also help keep the mold at bay for longer.

Faux wood or aluminium blinds are easily cleaned with some soapy water and you don’t have to worry about them.  For a full clean take them off the framing and take them outside to dry after giving them a good clean with warm soapy water.

We can show you how to do your annual blinds and shutters cleaning when you purchase your new set of blinds from Impact Blinds.  We have the best factory direct blind prices in Auckland.  Grab a free fast quote today!



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